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Our Story

Histo-Path was born out of humble beginnings. In 1974, as an experienced board certified histotechnician, Dan Garcia moved his family from Southern California to Modesto, where he began services with the support of just two clients. Dan’s goal was to provide unparalleled slide preparations, specifically built around the needs dermatologists.

As an independent lab, he was free to offer services unavailable from the routine pathology labs of the day. Dan’s reputation quickly grew as a result of innovations he incorporated into his services that are widely copied today. Histo-Path’s history of acquiring new client’s by “word of mouth” is a testament to the quality and service that Histo-Path provides, and challenges the industry to match today.

Michael Garcia has followed in his father’s footsteps. He first graduated in 1991 with a B.A. in business administration, and has been a board certified histotechnician since 2001. As partner and lab manager, Michael continues to build on the excellent service and quality that has been Histo-Path’s trademark.

After 39 years, with a staff of 25 technicians, office and support personnel, Histo-Path looks forward to continuing in this tradition for generations to come.